JCompany Jubilee – A 25th Anniversary Celebration

In honor of this milestone, and to commemorate our successes, we are raising funds to renovate the JCC Rehearsal Room. Our goal is to install a wall of mirrors to create a fully functional rehearsal space. Your new or increased gift will help foster a more professional experience for our young actors and improve the quality of their theatre education.

  • $20,000 = Wall of Mirrors and Curtains in the Rehearsal Room

  • $25,000 = Wall of Mirrors and Curtains + New Flooring

We’ll kick off our season of JCompany Jubilee celebrations with an opening of our own exhibit in the Gotthelf Art Gallery on September 9, 2017. We will take a trip down JCompany memory lane with tributes to our JCompany stars and a collection of JCompany costumes, props and memorabilia from some of our favorite shows. Purchase your tickets today!

To make a contribution over the phone, please contact Diane Voit, Development Coordinator, at (858) 362-1335 or email

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