Kabbalah and Mysticism

Tuesdays January 8-February 5, 2019 (5 Sessions)
Senior Activity Room
Lawrence Family, JCC

Kabbalah is the Jewish mystical tradition that delves into the esoteric mysteries of God, the universe, humankind, and the paramount questions of existence. It is a pathway to connect and communicate with the Divine, to know the essence of your soul, and to fulfill the yearnings of your heart. In this class, we will explore Kabbalah’s origins and history, principles, and practices, and — with sacred scholarship and spirit, source-texts, sweet melodies and chants, mythic stories and tales, and contemplative meditation — enter into the spiritual Garden of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. Come on the journey to your own deep, personal, intimate, loving relationship with the Divine, and to uncover the deepest secrets of the ultimate meaning of life and love.

Instructor: Rabbi Wayne Dosick

Price: $90; JCC Member Price: $70

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Kabbalah and Mysticism

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